Waste Not, Want Not – Full Speed Ahead Toward Austin (Well, Leander)

158 East in a furious pace, engine throbbing, head full of excitement, the state of Texas will pass by like a sweet summer breeze (or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Going down this exciting stretch of West Texas fantastic-ness, I’ll make a stop in the booming metropolis of Garden City, TX. Beyond better judgement, I decided to look on some reputable online advice sites for things to see and do. When I asked what there was along the was of “local flavor” – I received the message “no results found”. Does this mean the entire town of Garden City is bland. Do they need a little pepper of life?

After knowing I struck out with “local flavor” I decided to give restaurants a whirl. Again nothing. It makes me wonder if this little town in Texas actually exists. This is what lures me there more than anything else. Are there actually restaurants in Garden City that the internet doesn’t know about? If so, I’m totally posting them somewhere.

Travelling on, I’ll reach yet another city, this one called “Sterling City” where I will start my southern ascent toward the land of the weird. Although, in comparison, a town as small as Sterling is more “weird” than a town of people like Austin. From there 87 will lead me in directions unknown, and hopefully more civilized.

After hours on the road and perhaps a little bit of homesick, there is nothing quite like a tasty bourbon beverage to cut the edge - usually to cut the edge of the grease on your burger

After hours on the road and perhaps a little bit of homesick, there is nothing quite like a tasty bourbon beverage to cut the edge – usually to cut the edge of the grease on your burger

San Angelo is the next mirage on the horizon – in which I intend on getting some good vittles in my belly and prepare my body for the rest of the travel through Texas. A place called “Cork And Pig” has intrigued me and is a must stop for the Shark and I. I mean,  Cork, Pig, Shark, me, sounds like a recipe for an awesome photo op OR just a belly ache. This place is supposed to have great . . . everything from what I see. No time for more cocktails than one can handle – Austin awaits!

Heading south we’re going to depart out familiar 87 and hop on, well, more 87, travelling due east now however, until we get to a little crossroads called Brady. Brady has the “Heart Of Texas Historical Museum” to offer. Meh…I’ll have to think about that one before I commit to anything. Depending on if we get our edumacation, we’ll head south soon never the less, following our trusty 87 until it splits and we’re to take 71 to the destination in question – Austin – hell yes, Austin.

I’m sure there will be tempting roadside attraction to be seen all along this route, but at this juncture in the trip I deserve sleep, as the shark does too. Austin full speed ahead is our goal – if there is anything between our points A and B that are worthy of seeing, pipe up now or forever hold your peace. The Shark and I plan to make west Texas as painless as possible.

Lodging has been provided in the great Austin area by the fantastic Bowman family – whom has a motto of relax and be merry. Admittedly, I’ll be ready for relax and be sleepy. Once landing at the Bowman ranch, my head will hit the pillow and I will stay in the greater Austin area until January 26th, but staying at various places along the way.

Also so gracious to offer lodging was the Jackson family who has inspired me to work on the fundraising page and think about an Amazing Race concept for the whole shark hunt.

Also offering lodging are the Carsons of the hill country. With a fully equipped homestead, the welcome gates have been opened and the flood of shark-ness will pour through on the last day I spend in the Austin area.

I want to meet the Tejas Chapter, make it happen.


One thought on “Waste Not, Want Not – Full Speed Ahead Toward Austin (Well, Leander)

  1. Hi Nikki,

    Sounds like you are all set for lodging for your Austin visit, but if something should fall through, we have room and you are welcome here in Onion Creek in south Austin. I have not yet seen anything from the Tejas Chapter on your visit, but Mrs. Brown & I would love to meet you…perhaps in Schulenberg? BTW, Nathan’s BBQ in Brenham is worth a visit. Excellent Texas BBQ, and it’s right on 290.

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