Sin City Chapter – Las Vegas January 18th To January 20th

After a rousing adventure down the path of “Fear and Loathing”, I’ll park the shark in a safe harbor in Las Vegas. Excitingly enough, I’ve gotten quite a few offers for lodging, and it seems only right to take the first offer, although it’s a tough one – there are so many interesting people I’d like to meet while there. Hopefully we’ll be able to have a get together – munch in, lunch in or something along the lines of a social. I’ve heard that the Vegas group is a silly bunch, and it’ll be nice to be among some people with similar silly personalities. Maybe, if we could get everybody together on Sunday the 19th, we could do something pretty spectacular along the lines of fellowship, we’ll see!

Things to see, do, adventure to in Vegas include visiting my sister-kind of in-law, perhaps doing a touch of gambling and well, everything that Vegas has to offer along the lines of scenery. I’m more into sight seeing than I am the strip itself, although it’ll be a pretty decent photo op location.

The morning of January 20th, I’m planning on leaving the luxurious accommodation just North of Vegas and head down to the Hoover Dam. Little known fact – I’m fascinated by dams. So, what the heck, why not see the grand daddy of dams in the granddaddy of luxury coupes?

Heading down 582 skirting along the far east side of Vegas I’m going to hop on 93 to scoot my way over to see the dam , and then Phoenix bound I’ll be after seeing some falling water. Jumping on 93 South, I’ll eventually intervene with 60 that will take me right into the heart of the BMW CCA Roadrunner Chapter in Phoenix/Mesa. Taking Indian School road east into Scottsdale where I’ve got some lodging lined up!

I love knowing people all over!

I love knowing people all over!


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