Sandy Eggo To Carlsbad – January 14th

After sticking my toes into the California soil and adventuring around San Diego on Monday getting the car acclimated to it’s new driver (or picking up the car), it’s now time for us to adventure on and start off to our first new destination – Carlsbad.

Located up the shore somewhere between Canada and Mexico, Carlsbad will be home for two nights at lodging provided by a fellow enthusiast family. Not only does the Shark get to swim on new shores, but it gets to meet up with a whole bunch of fellow shark fans. How exciting will it be to have a gathering of similar minded people in a beautiful place?

Of course, on the way adventures will be had as the shark and I will jog up the back roads separating the land and the ocean and seeing some groovy stuff on the way.

First stop is the San Diego Automobile Museum, located in (duh) San Diego. Being on a tight budget, the cost of $8.50 seems like quite a bargain to get in and get an eye full of the Steve MacQueen Exhibit and the Indian Motorcycle exhibit.

After hurting my eyes with awesomeness, it is then on the take the Shark to the beach. Del Mar Beach is supposed to be one of the more spectacular beaches along the coast in which I’m adventuring. Can a beach really be non-spectacular (wait, I take that back, of course it can). Wiggling toes in the sand and strolling looking for messages in a bottle will only take so long, and eventually I’ll find myself ready for some food and perhaps a little bit of, well, looking at more stuff.

On to Cedros Design District it is then! This particular district is located in Solana Beach and is claimed to be an amazing experience, or as the Los Angeles Times calls it “Like strolling down a European side street.” I’ll be the judge of that, thank you.

After taking a look in the shops and perhaps doing a little people watching, it’s then on to a longer leg of the trip, the trip north to Carlsbad, with a little pit stop at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. I’m a sucker for parks, especially when it promises a view of the “fragile” Torrey Pine. Yeah, blister beetles will make a tree weep – but that’s not really why I want to go. A little stroll through the woods to clear my head and plan my attack for the Board Meeting that evening.


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