Houston To Mobile – The shark swims to the Delta, January 27-28

Without much excitement from the Louisiana crowd, I decided to make a really big travel day on January 27th and make my way all the way to Mobile. This trek was initially planned to be cut into smaller pieces with a little evening stop just outside of New Orleans. Things fell through, and the opportunity to stay someplace warm and  rustic really appealed to me, especially seeing as how late this will be in the trip. Luckily enough, I’ve got an awesome CCA chapter that will be waiting for me in Mobile and hopefully I’ll meet some more nice people!

First, after leaving Houston, I’m going to hop on the the fast track out of town, towards “Shangri-La“, located in Orange, Texas. Instead of the stereotypical “shangri-la” that you  might be thinking of, this particular one is a Botanical Garden that presses the issue of having people living in harmony with nature. Being away from the nursery for that long might drive me insane, but at the same time, it might be nice to take a peak into somebody elses paradise. With over twelve different themed gardens and a gift shop (woo hoo, souvenirs!) I’ll take a bit of time just stretching my legs in a botanical wonderland.

From there I’m going to adventure on to yet another nature oriented location, Fontainebleau State Park. On a clear day, this park offers the opportunity to gaze out into the bay and see the horizon dotted with colorful sailboats. On a not-so-perfect day, the park offers the the opportunity to walk about and observe some of the over 400 different species that live in the park. Can you say photo ops galore?

After all that hard looking and meandering about, full speed ahead towards lunch at the Abita Brew Pub in Abita Springs, Louisiana. Although they haven’t made beer there since 1994, the building offers a very unique glypse into interesting elements of building construction such as Cypress window frames and a bar made of slate. Resting awhile will fuel me up for the next leg of the adventure which will leave me resting up for the big day on the 28th, when I plan on doing the coastal connector route around Mobile Bay.

To see the route, visit this link


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