Finalized Dates

These are finalized dates, period. The ink is dried and it’s in stone. I’ve got hotel rooms for New Orleans, Midland, Hilton Head. All of these are places that I wouldn’t mind staying with somebody, but nobody has stepped up and offered – these can be canceled up to the day of the trip so…just sayin…if you know somebody any of these places let me know.

I’m not going to start planning this trip just to change it every three days. I’ve decided that the most prudent thing is document it, set it in stone and buy plane tickets.

Here is the FINAL itinerary:

Knoxville – January 11

Sandy Ego – January 12-15

Los Angeles – January 14-16

Moorpark – January 17

Las Vegas – January 18-29

Scottsdale/Phoenix/Mesa – January 20

Albequerque – January 21

Midlands – January 22

Leander = January 23

Austin – January 24-25

Houston – January 26

New Orleans – January 27

Mobile – January 28

Tampa – January 29 – 30

Hilton Head, SC OR Jacksonville, FL – January 31

Atlanta – February 1

South Carolina State Line – February 2nd High Noon



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