I want to see the shark!

Of course, I have a full time job, a full time relationship and a need to lay down some serious roots in a town that I enjoy – which is a major reason this trip is happening in the first place. Not only have I always wanted an old “shark”, but I’ve always had this free spirit, gypsy nature that carries me far and wide to places that I’ve heard about but never seen.

Until now, I’ve seen places far and wide, but never as far as the west coast. I’ve traveled through Europe, seen the rustic back roads of Mexico and been stuck on an Island in Lake Michigan, but the West Coast has stayed a great mysterious frontier, until now that it.

Th coast, itself, it’s the only alluring thing as I point my face towards the setting sun. There are so many different terrains, plants, animals and people that are needing to be explored, food that needs to be eaten and of course, things to write about. Growing up in a small town, I’ve always had a small community mentality, but have never felt comforatble living in one for prolonged periods of time – so, that’s why I’d like to visit as many as I’m travelling as possible.

Indiana WindmillsInterstates, their object oriented – they get you to where you have to be with very little scenic value – besides the Windmills in Indiana perhaps. Travelling the back roads through the west is hopefully going to provide me with some new ways to look at the world, and new respect for different classes of people – most of them living in a higher income bracket than I.

Driving across the country in an older car, looking like I’m living out of the backseat, it’s going to be more of a cultural experience more than a purpose driven trip to pick up a car. The way people react to others different than them are incredible to me – the looks that I get from people, good and bad, makes me want to dig deeper into the human psyche and pick apart how the world works.

So, if you’ve got a small town along the lower states of the country, please let know. Harvard, Il has a large Fiberglass cow in the middle of downtown, Gaffney SC has a large “Peachoid” as a water tower. What does your little town have to offer? Let me know, the shark and I might just stop by!

Contact “Shark Support” at nweed@roundel.org to let me know what you’ve got!


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