“Tried and True” But only for a little while

Tattoos are permanent, of course, and although at the time they seem like a fantastic idea, maybe they should be given a little more thought. Take this true story from a family member of mine “I was just getting my ink, talking to the guy and before I knew it I had the wrong woman’s name on my back.” Sure enough, during the course of the conversation the topic changed from the current girlfriend (the one that was supposed to be inked) to the ex-wife who’s forever a piece of that mans skin. Even though it’s located where he can’t see it, the rest of the world can – – especially his girlfriend.

It seems kind of like a tall tale, but I look at it, it’s on my very own dad. He’s covered with tattoos, nose to toes, and every one of them means something to him. I even asked “if you could have a tattoo magically dissapear, which one would it be?” The answer, a simple “none”. That’s great for him, he doesn’t have to answer to a corporate world or even a boss. There isn’t a dress code for him.

Those of us straight edge folks are a little different. Those ideas of our youth sometimes don’t translate well into the future, especially when our personal reputation is involved. From a professional stand point you can very easily say that you’d feel uncomfortable getting a full frontal lobotomy from a man with a tear drop tattoo next to his left arm and “cell block C” on his left forearm. It doesn’t matter if the person has been free and clear for decades, they’ve still got that stigmata.

It’s a double edged sword, however, as to if your priorities lay in your pride in body art or pride in personal appearance. Society is quick to judge on external appearance, most of the time for no good reason. Removal of a piece of art may make the image disappear, but may the spirit in your mind live on forever.

2013-11-01 09.49.00


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