Private Sector – Contributors Only

Content in this part of the page is private – only to be seen by those eyes that really show a genuine interest in seeing the Shark get home safe and sound. These articles are a little more, ahem, graphic, and will amuse, entertain and get you thinking about what life would be like if you were a freelance writing little blonde girl from South Carolina, and Wisconsin, and Illinois – eh, somewhere.

If you’re curious as to see what’s on these pages and if it’s something you’d be interested in subscribing to, contact the little blonde girl herself at pepitaweed at gmail dot com.

Aren’t you curious now?

I'm going to be sending the post cards this time, damn it.

I’m going to be sending the post cards this time, damn it.


One thought on “Private Sector – Contributors Only

  1. Hi, Nikki,
    My name is Steve Eaton, and I live on Washington Island. Today I saw a
    small page on the Mann’s Store bulletin board, containing Kerrie McDonald’s
    email to you, and your note of general apology. Ever since seeing your orig-
    inal article and Thor’s response on Dick Purinton’s blog, I was hoping time, and
    the feedback, would cause a reevaluation of things. Although some types of
    people don’t appreciate or respect contrition or honesty in general (usually
    because they don’t have those qualities themselves), others will be impressed
    by your willingness to be vulnerable for the sake of truth….that is an irreplace-
    able quality!

    Steve Eaton

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