When The Planning Begins – The Adventure Ends

When you’re faced with hard decisions to make, such as what shoes to buy and what dessert to eat, sometimes you just have to go with your gut instinct. I however, have never been so good at that. I’ll end up buying the shoes that make me look like a clown and eat a dessert that will have the amount of calories that a small African village could live off of for a week. That’s just who I am though, I’m impulsive, I don’t think things through and I’m a TERRIBLE decision maker.

Nikki Disco

Yes, I thought it was a great idea to stay up in my hotel room in Green Bay drinking random large cans of beer while eating an entire frozen pizza while writing hate mail to various politicians. All that got me was a wicked headache and a black suburban following me around…

This being said, when it comes to taking a voyage across the country, I’ve decided that perhaps going with my gut 100% of the time might not exactly be the best idea. When the going gets tough, sometimes the endorphin kick in and trick me into thinking that certain things are a great idea. Sure, that tall boy of PBR seems like a good idea at the time, but then again, lets think things through a little bit. That’s where I lack the power to rationalize, I think too fast, I react too fact and it gets me in trouble. I can’t afford to get into trouble on the Shark Saga. I need to get home in one piece.

That’s where I’m taking the “endorphin outta the equation”. I’m planning. I’m actually making spreadsheets, diagrams, charts and putting damn pushpins on a map to track where I’m going, when and for how long. Also, I’m looking at who I’m going to be staying with, what accommodations are provided and what’s expected of me in return – all of course being charted in a separate column in the spreadsheet. (gee, I’m a nerd, ah, screw it).

First off, thank you Captain America for the lodging, hospitality and promised helicopter rides.


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