Riding The Storm Out

I am a lucky girl, I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Not only am I blessed with the most amazing fiance in the world, I’m surrounded with people who cheer me in without ever meeting me in person. The only down side of that is that is that I’ll never be able to meet all of them.

At this part of the adventure, I am also very lucky to have avoided most of the terrible weather that is associated with winter. A week in California, a jot through the desert, and then what they called the icepocalypse in San Antonio. All pretty wicked, but with my luck, I made it to a safe place and stayed put.

I have actually made the decision this time around to avoid the chance of being snowed in (or iced) in Alabama and make a run for the border. My luck is good, but that luck doesn’t get me pulled out of a ditch or even worse.

I had to make the decision to leave my host a day early and hit the road and head to warmer temps. Sigh, I wish I could have stayed. I feel I could have learned an awful lot hanging around him but as the old saying goes…
I have miles to go…



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