Southeast Shark Fest – May 2014

Hello All!

At long last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The Southeast Sharkfest 2014 venue is set, confirmed, locked and loaded! A few items took some extra negotiation, hence the late release, but I think you’ll all agree the wait was worth it! I’m extremely pleased to announce that we have been invited to return to the BMW Mecca of the US. The Saturday May 3rd concours will be held at the Zentrum at BMW Manufacturing in Greer, SC!

But that’s not all. Anyone who came in 2010 recalls the Performance Center experience that was afforded to us: essentially a few hours of the most fun you can possibly have with your clothes on. Saturday morning preceding the show, we have once again negotiated with the BMW Performance Center for a hands on driving event with an autocross and performance circuit. It will conclude with an exciting hot lap on their long course in one of BMW’s new M6 GT’s, driven at 10/10ths by one of their professional drivers. The price will be $185/per person for three hours of as many times as you can go through their courses. Ever want to autocross a brand new 7-series? This is your chance! πŸ™‚ Participation is limited and first come first serve, so as soon as registration opens, make sure to secure your spot!

To all of those e9 and e31 owners who registered on the site recently for email updates, we welcome you. While we’ve always been open to all models by anyone who wished to participate, this will be our first year recognizing the CS coupe and 8-series for the judging portion of the show. That being said, we need enough participants to justify a class! At least 5 of each chassis will need to register to make the creation of the masterpieces we call awards worth the effort (and anyone who has seen them in past years knows they are pieces of art – a HUGE thanks to Phil Parkey & Ben Lewis there).

Our base hotel location will be the beautiful Marriott in Spartanburg, SC. The specific reservation information will be provided when we release registration – there will be a direct link from our site to secure your room. Our negotiated rate is $129/night and includes WiFi. This is a very, very nice facility with full service amenities and a secure parking garage (at no additional cost).

Our basic itinerary will be mostly the same as previous years. Thursday night will be early check-in and an “informal” dinner (because all of our other dinners are so formal). πŸ™‚ Friday will kick off with a country drive, and possibly factory tours at BMW. Saturday morning will start early with the Performance Center drive (for those who wish to participate) and will continue with the concours on the lawn in front of the Zentrum. The sunday brunch location will be located by the infamous brunch crew and debauchery will surely ensue.

Behind the scenes for the past many months, Eugene Sherbin, long time member and all around Russian hacker, has been working with me to create a brand new SESF website written in one of the most cutting edge web-programming languages. It will allow for completely interactive profiles and virtual garages as well as begin a compilation of a 6-series registry (for those who wish to participate). We owe Eugene a huge debt of gratitude for the hundreds of hours of commitment he has shown to our event. He has been designing our new site along with his full time job as a web developer – I’ve literally gotten progress updates from him at 6AM after he pulled an all nighter. That being said, the new website is about a week from being ready for release. The moment it is released, we will begin accepting registrations for the show and the Performance Center drive.

As you can see, we’ve been hard at work in the background. This is not going to be a year to miss, for so many different reasons. I, for one, am extremely excited, and am looking forward to finally unveiling Upper Crusty, albeit year late (my M635 for those unfamiliar).

I look forward to seeing each and every one of your there!

Kai Xing
Director, Southeast Sharkfest, Inc.



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