Existentialism and Cholesterol and Peeing

After being diagnosed with high cholesterol and too much stress, I was encouraged to spend more time with nature. You know, unplug for a while.

What? Unplug? Me? The person who wakes up working and goes to sleep is mad at herself that she couldn’t work more throughout the day? The person that has (last time counted) four jobs online and one physical on? The person that is always scouring the “gigs’ on Craigslist because simply put, she doesn’t know how to not work.
It seems the only time I’m not working is when I’m in transit, but even that has become tainted. I upgraded the old laptop and have a limitless hotspot on my phone. I mean, I could almost drive to Maine and work the entire way.
It wasn’t healthy, and I knew it. Sure, I could make a quite buck, but at the end of the day – why? Was it making me happy? Nah. Did I need anything? No. I made sure I wasn’t going to need anything for a while by buying socks that came with a lifelong guarantee on them. (Thank you, Darn Tough sock). Therefore, what do you do with your time? Complain about politics that you have no control over? Bitch about a virus that isn’t going away. Cry because you have to wear a mask?
The answer for me is always “no.” As a deeply rooted existentialist, I don’t acknowledge these hindrances. I am here, and this is what I’m dealing with. It could make me wildly grumpy, cause me discomfort, and alternatively, if I do not comply, it will cause others discomfort. In the broad strokes, I really just want to be left alone. However, when subjected to the public, I like the path of least resistance. I want to buy my beer and cheese curls and get on with my life. I don’t want to be bombarded with your political beliefs, and I sure as hell don’t want to hurt anyone.
nudge-Cheese Curls + Beer = Cholesterol
Thank the lord I don’t indulge as much on those two as I used to.

It brings me back to work – what do I really need and want. Do I need a new designer purse? Negative, it’s not on my list. Do I need to have a new car? I don’t drive anymore, so why? A new place? I have my desk, where I work, and a place to shower. What else do I need? Sure, more space would be nice, and a car with climate control would be even nicer, but is that really necessary for an existentialist?

That’s what so many people don’t get, how a person can be so complacent in what they have instead of being so focused on what they don’t. I’ve had it all, and in all honesty, I didn’t need that much. The only thing I need is to be busy. Busy living, busy smiling, busy being me. If the circumstances suck, I will find something suitable, I promise. That’s what life is all about, smiling and making whatever sucks suck a little less.

People rarely get it – but I’ll share with you an existential trick I learned almost two decades ago, which has stuck with me since and has helped me deal when things aren’t the best. Sit your butt on a toilet when you have to go pee. As you’re peeing, drink water. As the water leaves your body, you’re reintroducing water. It’s a never-ending cycle, it will never end, and you’ll always have to pee. That’s about what life is, a constant need to pee. It’s also parallel to the negativity in the world. You will always get it thrown at you, but it’s up to you to let it out. How uncomfortable is it to hold your pee? It sucks.

Here’s your task. The next time you feel bombarded with negativity, and you feel like it’s too much, just let it go, like an outstanding pee. You’ll thank me for it.

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