Self promotion, smelting, and interpersonal growth

Sometimes I look back and hang my head in regret and shame for decisions I’ve made. There was a pretty substantial period of time where I allowed this to be par for the course and just figured that everyone felt that way deep inside. Self-punishment rarely led to anything remarkable, and in all candid truth, became how I was able to smelt myself into a stronger individual.

Let’s think about it real quick (and I promise this isn’t going to drag on.

In order to become the absolute best metal, you need must melt down a whole pile of undesirable junk to find the goodness. For people, sometimes it’s easier to just allow yourself to remain lumped – good and bad – for your entire existence. So much lumped together, childhood trauma, unresolved teenaged angst, painful self-embodiment, and let’s face it, adulthood. Just like a lump of rock that hides some desirable ore, we as humans harness these amazing nuggets of goodness inside of ourselves. It’s up to us to go through the painful process of picking through the ugly to get through the good.

Innately, I’m a vehement existentialist that doesn’t hesitate to take things at face value. When it’s cold, I understand that the cold is not within my control, but my actions are. Por ejemplo, the ELU (click here if you’re clueless as to what the ELU is) took a trip up the mountains and is now perched under a pine forest on a mountain ledge. In less than a week of being in Pine Paradise, the snow started falling and the temps dipped to the single digits. As I lay in bed, thankful for propane, I heard the click of the safety relay signaling that the tank had been spent.

It was cold, but that was on me. I used the experience to mold myself into a better person. That’s what I’m encouraging you to do, take the negative and smelt out something positive. There’s always something in there.

In the meantime…

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