The Devil Is In The Details

Just a brief pop into this seemingly forgotten blog. This stupid thing has really been the fruit of my loins at times, especially when I look back and see what the labor of this fruit has done to my body. As I sit here, on my brand new (to me) comfy desk chair, I’m reminded of the times that I wasn’t so lucky. Times that perhaps the words didn’t flow as they should or when inspiration wasn’t as abundant as it has been lately.

I suppose what I’m getting to is that a lot has changed, big surprise right? I I suppose what I’m getting to is that a lot has changed, big surprise, right? I still have this passion for writing and creating engaging content, but I’ll be damned if I can follow simple rules sometimes. Perhaps it’s because I lived the life of a renegade blogger for too long. It may also be that I tend to think I know in which direction a project should go, even though the set parameters are concrete.

Either way, I’ll get by, and maybe learn a few things along the way. My new job mixing paint has taught me a few things about accuracy. People get REALLY grouchy when the color they want isn’t really the color they get. You slap some ivory paint on a hunter green wall, lots of things can happen. You can use good paint and get a color that is similar to ivory, or you can go the cheap route and end up with a sea foam green wall. It is all about decisions.

You can also do a bad color match, and although the color looks perfectly fine to you, the receiving party is less than pleased when the taupe he wanted is actually a brown from your mixing error. It’s all pretty anyways, right? Brown is brown in my book.

5 thoughts on “The Devil Is In The Details

  1. I tend to be a big-picture thinker and am not a detail-oriented oriented person – until I need to be. Doing a brake job, head gasket replacement, ensuring the new lock I put on the front door works properly and securely? Of course. Mixing paint for someone else? Definitely. That said, I have been known to modify a plan because of not paying attention to details when I should have. That’s what zip-ties are for.

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