Guess That Location

This site has gotten a bit on the boring side. The Philosophical babbling got a little dry and the eating disorder/psychological side of things are under control. The drinking is abated and the excitement of being on the road and car clubs have dried up. What’s the point of keeping a site? Does anyone else care?

It doesn’t matter to me, anymore, in the big picture of making a difference in peoples life through changing how they think. That’s not going to happen. So I might as well make it fun!

So here we go, I’m going to show a photo that I’ve taken, include three clues, and let you guess where in the world was Nikki. I haven’t decided on a prize yet, perhaps a customized blog post all about whatever topic you chose. It’ll be fun, and it’ll get me back into writing about things out of my comfort zone. I’ll do it every Monday.

Where was Nikki Chapter One:

Clue One: I’m at an elevation of 7800

Clue Two: The lowest priced single family home on the market in 2016 was $599,000

Clue Three: The Founding Fathers Name Was Jerome Wheeler

Please, this isn’t meant to be a “who can use search engines the fastest.”

Also, please share! You might not know, but someone you know might! Help me spread this little contest! You can respond your answers to this page by clicking the comment button or email me at pepitaweed@ as well.

Here’s the snap:



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