It’s Official! Third Book Is Released!

I’ve teased you.

I’ve mislead you a few times.

Hell, to be brutally honest to all involved, I’ve lied about it! Enough of that, we’re not dwelling, are we?

Back in, maybe January (?), I promised that I was going to be publishing part two of my 18 Wheels: A Road Trip through the Mind book. I had momentum and was a fury behind the keyboard. I sat at a plastic folding table, earbuds in drinking Sierra Nevada Torpedo in copious amounts. The only thing I managed to make was a beer spill on my keyboard and babbling. I tried, without much success, to doctor it back into a readable form but that was a bust. I was actually pretty embarrassed. That wasn’t the sort of writing that a “professional” writer would make, and that wasn’t the drivel that I wanted associated with my name.

Sadly, I thought back on when I wrote my very first book. The amount of editing that went into that piece was minimal at best. It was not, however fun to write. It took too much out of me, and maybe that was what actually made it a good piece. The topic, however, had a very small reader base and although few copies were sold, I feel that it was well received. My “writers voice” was a bit skewed, however. At the time I was taking copious amounts of antidepressants simply because I was dwelling so much on the topic I was writing about. The more I tried to heal other people and my self through writing, the worse I got.

When I decided to write my second book, it was about 8 weeks into being on the road full time. I hadn’t touched a drink in weeks and was starting to develop an idea of what I wanted to be as a writer.

“Know who you are and what you represent.”

Satch Carlson

All the while those words bounced between my ears reminding me never to lose my identity. That first draft of my new book “God, Beer and Sundays” wasn’t even close to my inner voice. I didn’t try to fix it until my head was absolutely clear and my heart was into it. So, this morning was that day. It was like giving myself an early Christmas present, and then realizing that it’s a gift for everyone.

Notes before reading

Remember, this is part two of the book series. It’s not really going to make much since if you didn’t read the first book, which you can see and read here:

It’s on a Kindle format, and you can easily download the app for free if you don’t have it already. Also, there is a version that allows you to read it right on your computer screen too. Either way it’s not going to cost you anything more than the book cost. If you don’t agree or want to use Amazon (which takes a cut anyways) you’re more than welcome to shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to send you a PDF format for printing. Heck, you might want to do that anyways. Either way I want to make sure you get it in whatever form is conducive to your reading enjoyment.

The new book doesn’t have as cool a cover as the last one, but don’t judge me on it. My graphic design abilities have absolutely gone to the wayside since my departure from South Pleasantburg Nursery. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about how much I miss doing the cyber geek duties there. Maybe someday I’ll be able to find another gig that allows me to flew my creative muscle. Until then I’ll have to freelance.

Same everything applies to this book .It’s actually a pretty easy read, starting with tour truck drivers humble beginnings. I’ll keep the rest a secret.

So tip back an eggnog with me and celebrate number three!


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