Zips makes it BIG!

Ha. No, you can refuse it, but I don’t recommend it.

As many of you know, I’ve had quite the adventure the past year. Exactly a year ago, to the date, and almost hour, I was settling into my new place in Oregon. Life was crazy, life was upside down, but I loved it. I had freedom in my veins, and not a soul within a two day drive that I could rely on to bail me out of tough times. Tough times I had, but I made it through. I worked, but with a half heart, because I didn’t want to have a boss. I wanted to do my thing, which, at the time at least, was be reckless.

Free spirits are often riddled with responsibilities that don’t seem to fit in with crazy free spirit living. I tried my best to adapt to the desk life, it didn’t work. I loved what I was doing, but I couldn’t mentally keep myself in the chair. My mind was outdoors, exploring, but I cranked away at the computer. The entire time, I always had Zips on my desktop as a computer wallpaper. A fantastic picture of him taken in Sweden, always there to give me a smile even when I wanted to cry. He also hung out in my purse, under my desk, for extra moral support. A few of my coworkers, who worked within a desk length sort of kept their heads in their own space, never opening up to me, so if I was emotionally struggling, I had nowhere to turn. My best friend at work, Betsy, was a room away, yet I never really opened up. I kept. My nose in my own struggles, knowing it wasn’t sustainable. I lived the company I worked for, I could make it happen though, and I feel sad about that.

Fast forward, I’m still struggling with the daily battle of lack of passion for my job, but a glimmer of hope broke through yesterday. Forever and a day, I’ve had Zips by my side (he’s right here, as a matter of fact on his very own bar stool). He inspired me to pitch an idea to a company, a company that sells bee advocacy products. I sent a picture of Zips, strapped into his travel spot on my tote and explained Zips travels. I also explained that wherever I go, I get questioned “what’s with the bee”, which afford me the opportunity to raise awareness of the decline of the bee population. My idea is to make Zips clones _not identical_to sell, so others can experience a life with a Zips of their own.

He’s so much more than fabric and stuffing, he’s an emotion support bee, he’s an advocate, he’s a steward, he’s a positive influence on society. See where this is going?

I’m going to start producing Zips, hand sewn and made out of repurposed fabrics and start making a few different prototypes. It’s still a baby business in the making, BUT, it will be my business. Not one of these “I am my own boss, yes still sell products that other people make and take a cut of” (leggings, supplements, makeup).

So, please, cheer me on in mkinh this happen. I haven’t named the company yet, not have really taken a needle to fabric yet, but it’s happening.

On the plus side, it’s hard to get fired when you’re the boss.


One thought on “Zips makes it BIG!

  1. Just few things to keep in mind: 1.make sure Zipps is not already trade marked, etc. if you plan to use him in your advertising. 2. If you start something, see if you can get a copyright before someone/company/China knocks off your idea. 3. Hit the hort industry that now has their pollinators push promotion. 4. Don’t know what/if/how, but check into the National or state Beekeepers Assoc.’s

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