What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

“Yea, and if some god shall wreck me in the wine-dark deep,
even so I will endure…
For already have I suffered full much,
and much have I toiled in perils of waves and war.
Let this be added to the tale of those.”

Homer, The Odyssey

As we turn the page on another day of existence we look at an empty page that is just waiting to be filled with the trials and tribulations of modern day life. It’s not as simple as it used to be; we have technology. Those of the 50’s didn’t have to worry about twitter, cable television, or hell, even radio (what with the onset of this new fangled satellite radio business). We as a culture have become so deeply ingrained it  makes us absolutely saturated with needing that technology that we’d go nuts without it. I admit, I’m one of them. When I can’t reach to my phone to see what the latest ____fill in the blank_____ is, I feel like I’m just part of the out crowd. It has really gotten to the point of feeling like you’re missing out on something.

Where would we be if it weren’t for social media, email, new feeds, and god forbid the drunk text (or sober for that matter). We as a society has become co-dependent on the fact that we can get any source of information we want with a few clicks or swipes of the ole digits. We can get things pertinent to a profession, find the latest movie times, we can even gamble. Sounds convenient, yes? Actually, I’m not sure how anybody does their job anymore without some sort of modern technology. Supermarkets would struggle would it not be for the POS system behind them. Law enforcement would be sluggish without a manner of looking up backgrounds with a simple couple of clicks. It even comes down to the simplest things, most of our cars are smart enough to know what time zone they’re in, and most of our alarm clocks automatically chance with the changing of time.

I sit here in my dark dining room, hacking on these keys, my roommate watching a movie in the next room. The roommate has hot apple cider and is lounging in her jammies. I’m here, bourbon in my adventure cup, wearing one of my favorite concert shirts, listening to “West LA Fadeaway” on a very decent set of headphones. My bourbon is perfect, the jams are very decent, and I love this shirt. Life doesn’t get much better.

Maybe it’s the bourbon. You can’t take away my bourbon. Maybe it’s the jams, you can’t take away my jams. You can remove me from this dining room, but you won’t remove the me that lives inside, and unfortunately there’s a lot of technology that goes into every single aspect of that. I’ve become a subject of the 21st century, a victim perhaps. I’m engulfed in a need to use it all the time, and it makes me sick. Maybe that’s why I enjoy my bourbon.

“Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.”
W. C. Fields

May we all have a since of humor upon life! Alas, we’re constantly bombarded by technology that jacks with our flow (that’s a N. Weed term, you can’t use it). In all reality, W. C. Fields had a point. We all carry a handful of fears and never equip ourselves with the ammunition to take care of the matter at hand. We all face challenges, home life, work, socially and so on. We focus on making the challenge be the topic of interest instead of packing our backpack with ammunition to better guard ourselves against it. Most of the time we know what we’re going to face that’s going to be difficult, but we don’t prep ourselves to face the difficulty of life and the burdens of obstacles. We’re not made that way anymore, we want the internet to fix it for us.

I’ve been planning for snakebites my entire life, and I’m no stranger to dealing with them. Bourbon is not always the answer (whiskey in W. C.’s case), but in a safe environment and with the right mind, you can let those snake bites go away for a while. It’s not going to mean they’re not going to bite you again tomorrow, but, it’ll alleviate the instantaneous discomfort you’re feeling. It doesn’t have to be bourbon – – it can be rum. Just kidding .

Alleviation of self woe can be made so many healthy ways, people don’t realize what a little bit of soul searching will do for your overall mental health.

“I wouldn’t want them [kids] to raid my liquor cabinet and glug down my bourbon either”
Cheech Marin

In other words “all things in moderation.”

Few people know that I’ve done two stints in rehab, it’s not a big deal. Few people know I picked up a hitch hiker in Nebraska and toted him all the way to Oregon before he called the state Police on me. Few people I know I have seventeen scars on my body. Few people know exactly how I got my interest in plants. Few people know why you like that topping on your pizza. Few people know why you like the color green.

Fact of the matter, it’s nobodies fucking business, however, we’re curious. We turn to our friend technology to tell us what we need to know.

What celebrity married whom?

What did that political guy say to make himself sound crazy today?

Where did her dress come from?

Where did that football player go to college?

Seriously, do we really need to know any of these things? Do they do anything to enhance our day to day lives or just make us miserable? Does technology make us more intelligent people? I can’t give a definitive answer to that, but I can bring up some good points (in bullet points, because I’ve been told people pay attention to them.)

-Garbage in garbage out, who do you believe

-How much time do you have investigating something that probably doesn’t pertain to your daily well being (ie: fashion and sports)

-Could you be doing something to enhance your brain more for the long run instead of your current impulses?

-Psychologically, are you looking for mental masturbation or just looking for something to fiddle with?

-You could have been fishing (I stole that from someone)

“What the world needs now, is another folk singer, like I need a hole in my head”

Unckle Cracker

Actually, the world needs more folk singers. We’re devoid of people being able of speaking their own minds, what remains important to them, not just what they think people wants to hear. The twitter feeds wouldn’t blow up had famous celebrities started their careers talking about wishing their roommate would take out the recycle bin or how much they love their cat. That shit is boring. For some reason we don’t like to feel emotion, and especially in the musical spectrum, which bleeds into the technology aspect. Our worlds are full of Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, and they’ll suggest what they think we want to hear, not necessarily what we need to hear. You have to work pretty hard to make them tell you what you want to hear.

Case in point, Pandora thinks I need to listen to Bruce Springsteen. “Because you listened to so-and-so”, excuse me? Don’t tell me what I want to listen to. It’s sort of a subliminal messaging in the new age. It happens everywhere, music, websites we browse, even stores we go to. Just ask our emails. Although they say “no, we don’t “share” your information”, they’re just part of a bigger company that can “share” it with some of their smaller companies. It’s the nature of the beast. Some of us like it here.

“Paranoia is just another mask for ignorance. The truth, when you finally chase it down is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears”

Hunter S Thompson

Burying your head in the sand makes you an Ostrich, burying your head in a mass of questionable media is just being a jackass. We can sit there and fear the mob, fear the military, fear the apocalypse. We can believe that the ____fill in the blank____family is the most wealthy, that _____fill in the blank_____is so much more attractive than me…. and so on. You become ignorant when you can’t look in the mirror and see the innate goodness you see before you. The mirror is a far better teacher than technology ever could be. I know I probably sound obtuse, but in the long run, if you can look into the mirror and realize that the ramifications of relying on technology risks you loving the actual world you’re living in…..you’re gonna miss out.

“Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent hiding underneath it.”

MacBeth (Shakespeare)

In a sort of Johnny Cash sort of way, flip the bird to technology. Don’t feel you have to be what you see on the internet, typically it’s seen through a filter, a photo-shopped moment, hell, you can even use the old school Paint program to clear pimples or ugliness. Be wary of what you see AND what you throw out there, there’s always someone out there that is watching. You don’t want to be the one that depresses to the point of no return, nor to you want to be the popular person that everyone wants to hang out with. Just be the fuck you. Why should you not be?

I’ve failed at it before, and since I’ve been in Oregon I’ve realized being me is the only way I can survive (perhaps because one of my favorite quotes are “Too weird to live, too rare to die”) I continue to pump my fist in the air promoting individuality. Drink bourbon, listen to Johnny Cash, read Shakespeare, just don’t let the technology get a grip on you, it might be corrupted.

Just kidding. Everything on the internet is the truth. ::


Sippy Cup of Bourbon





3 thoughts on “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

  1. Hey Nikki! Good to see a new posting….I was beginning to worry. Some gentle criticism: Turn on spell check, and/or get someone to proof your stuff before you post it…or maybe type the blog _before_ the bourbon. lol. Looking forward to the new book! All the best from SW Alabama!

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