Adopt a Shark-Save a Classic

“Well,I guess hard times flush the chumps.”

Ulysses Everett McGill

The time has come for me to put in my big girl panties and bite the bullet.My era of being a BMW enthusiast has come to a close, and although I will forever have a soft spot for those sexy machines, I’m going to have to let my E24 go.

This car isn’t just a symbol of everything a German automobile in america should be (classy, stylish, brawny) but a symbol of freedom. It is the car that allowed me to follow the American dream and take pilgrimage across uncharted lands. It is the car that taught me about roadside assistance, hidden tool boxes, and thieves. It also taught me that the generosity of people stems far beyond money, but in thought and encouragement.

The shark is ready to drive away to take someone else on a new adventure. I’m proud to offer him, along with all of his books, including original owners manuals, factory torque and maintenance booms, and a few extras. He’s concours ready (except maybe his paint)

*this may begin my period of mourning or rebirth, I’m not sure yet.

This is the ad posted on Greenville, SC craigslist.

For sale is my prized 1985 635 csi.
This car (exact car, not just the model but the car) was featured in Roundel, the BMW cca magazine in November of 2015. This shark is a high mileage but extremely well cared for rocket. Receipts for the past 30 years will accompany this car, including documentation of every single device done to the car since 1986. I’m relocating to Oregon and cannot bring it with me. He has been owned by car club members his whole life and is like to see him go to someone who knows and is familiar with the club.

The car spent 31 years in California and has a but if fade to the roof, but nothing a good buffing won’t fix!

Updated sound system with Bluetooth interface including streaming and hardwired Bluetooth microphone.

Immaculate beige leather interior taken from an m6. NOT sport seats, but even better regular seats (the bolsters are actually uncomfortable the sport seats)

Remote entry and locks with switchblade key fob and alarm system (aftermarket, of course)

BBS honeycomb type lightweight wheels wrapped in michelin sports with less than 1500 miles on them

An extra set of three five spoke AR aluminum racing dynamic Abelthe ela with conti dws tires with less than 5000miles on them

M6 trunk lip spoiler with black accents to match the m6 front lip spoiler. Very tasteful mods, without being too far from the original body style.

Automatic transmission – which would make it excellent for a newbie

Extra odds and ends including a Haynes repair manual, owners manuals, and an entire box of miscellaneous stuff.

Almost complete trunk tool box.

If you know the club, you probably know me and this car.




2 thoughts on “Adopt a Shark-Save a Classic

  1. Wish I had the funds right now, Nikki, I know how much you loved on that car. Good luck with the sale. Ernie

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