Toni Versus Ice

“I think it’s a really human, natural behavior to take language and shape it for our own purposes. I think that’s how names evolve. We name things, we give things symbols, and over time we tend to naturally manipulate those symbols toward a certain outcome.”

-Carol J. Bruess (the next psychologist that everyone should visit) 

Passing through western Missouri,  we passed an overturned grain hauler with all of its precious cargo spewed across a ditch this morning, and it made me stop and think about the fragility of life. Fragile, just like that stupid leg lamp from the movie A Christmas Story, breakable under pressure. That overturned truck, even though it had the appearance of being tough and rugged, able to haul heavy loads and withstand high wind, is just as fragile as that lamp. The amounts of pressure may be different to push each object from comfort zone to total destruction varies, but the end result is the same, enough negative force with break the shit out of something. 

Not only did that truck crash, it made a mess. From the looks of the truck he made an error in judgment and a tire went off and sunk into damp soil. The amount of give – the soil breaking under pressure – caused a mess. Soil, made up of tiny particles, tiny bits to create a whole, but one by one they collapse and give way to a force greater than itself. Truck versus soil…Tiny soil particles win, truck loses OR truck wins soil loses. It all depends on how you look at it. Determinism at its finest. 

What took the trucks tire off the road in the first place – this is where physics take a back seat to psychology. The tires of the truck were capable, the truck was capable, but where was the driver? The truck is not at fault in this scenario, however looking at the situation from a truck passing by makes it easy to make accusations as to why the driver was at fault. It’s easier to find faults in machinery, loose lug nuts, improper brakes, flat tire, all easy to spot and identify visually, but the person, almost impossible. 

Parallels could be made that the soil and the driver could be on the same analytical hemisphere. The soil looks wet, therefore it must be soft. The driver looks tired, so he must be a danger on the road. Perhaps the soil appears wet due to the composition of the soil being more clay than sand. Perhaps the driver looks tired because his genetics made him have a lower brow than most. Again, both conditions occur from a condition totally out if their control but have to deal with on a daily basis. 

There is a story that is ruminating throughout the Internet and local Kansas City news about a young lady being found dead in a river in her car. Toni Anderson was pulled from a river in her car months after going missing. The Internet and television was filled with images of a young lady with a sort of pouty face. Again, the picture reminded me of me and I immediately empathized with her. I came across her story last night, where the media glorified the fact she worked at an adult club, they did not mention she was a student at Missouri state. Again, much like the Kelly story, the picture painted wanted to skew your mind into thinking perversion and foul play. 

She lost to ice – much like the truck lost to soil. After a traffic stop late night, probably after work, she was turned around and ended up on an icy boat ramp. I can visualize her turning onto what looked like a side road to turn around, not lit up very well due to the lack of needing to illuminate a boat ramp at midnight. Upon turning onto the ramp, which just the nature of the word indicates a its got a pretty good grade to it. Unable to stop the slide down the ramp, the car propelled itself towards an icy River, but not iced up enough to offer any resistance to keep the car from rocketing into the water at around twenty miles an hour. In slow motion the car began to sink and in a panic to get out of the car, the combination of the shock of cold water and the terror of what was happening, the ice won (or more accurately the combination of ice and water won. 

The ice won against the tires. We don’t know the condition of the tires, whether they were bald or even DWS, on black ice (or whatever color you want it to be) and eerily silent slide will make you from driver to passenger instantly. You could also say water lost against temperature and caused the ice in the first place. Gravity won against friction and the car slid at an uncontrollable rate. 

In any circumstance, Toni was at the mercy of determinism. Although she might have driven onto that boat ramp, there was no way to stop what was about to ensue. It could have been anybody, a middle aged man whom drove into a boat ramp and went missing won’t make the news though, the news wants to see a pleasing face and a sad story. Indeed, a very sad story. 

How many times have I stood next to my car and gotten photographed, much like this? Would the picture they put on the news if I go missing be one of them?

If I could chose one picture of me to be my missing person photo, it’d be this one (primarily because I look good in it, although, it’s not very indicative of what I look like right now)

Your selection is critical – however – sometimes you grab one that is adjacent to the black jelly bean and the flavor rubs off and what you thought was going to be a tasty lemon jelly bean is now a nasty lemon flavored black jelly bean.

How can you determine what will cause a ripple effect in your world, both mentally and physically?
“everywhere man blames nature and fate yet his fate is mostly but the echo of his character and passion,his mistakes and his weaknesses.”


(there was about four more paragraphs of this, however, while writing on my phone, I deleted a shit load of it trying to format the text and picture correlation. This only a half an hour after Brook asking my why I don’t type on my laptop. I made a decision to type on my phone, I paid for it. I will be typing on my laptop next time) 


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