Morris eats salad – Nikki gets saved 

Nothing to share except a silly picture of Morris the Truck, famous from my stories (non-fiction) 

Upon returning back home today, I’ve realized a few things. 

1) It’s absolutely true, you never miss anything until you’ve truly lost it. 

2) If you love something, love it with all your might. 

3) Although I don’t go to church, I still like the stories in the Bible. 

4) My perception of home is wherever I’m loved. 

It’s a great feeling to be home, but I think we all have a slice of us that wonders what “home” really is. I can be happy with my home here there or anywhere. What really makes a home is those that you invite in. Your home is your heart, not a physical place. Be careful who you let into your home, lest it gets broken. 

“there was a terrible hailstorm, and hailstones weighing as much as seventy-five pounds fell from the sky onto the people below. They cursed God because of the terrible plague of the hailstorm.”

Revelation 16:21

For I have done things worthy of being ridden with a plague, and ye who has pardoned me shall be awarded Sainthood from thee that begs forgiveness. 

Travels 2:1

I’ve wronged people, and I’ve often times righted people. I’ve been used and I’ve used. I have been greedy and I have been giving. I have been a friend and an enemy. I have built homes and destroyed them. I have created war and peace. 

Who of us haven’t? 

I cry to the skies to stop pummeling me with hail, but in fact, I deserve every single hailstones that falls upon me and my home. 

Morris the Truck has been my buddy, although he is a truck he has housed me for the past month and a week. I have spent time reflecting and pondering if I should throw myself on the mercy or pull out my umbrella and start begging for forgiveness. Maybe a change in actions and behavior will stop the hail. I need the hail to stop, before it destroys not only me, but Morris and Brook. 

I can stand being pummeled with the hail I deserve, But I cannot stand for it to hurt innocent bystanders. 

I received a response to my Julie Leger piece, from none other than Julie Leger herself. I have to say I feel a certain level of newness to my life. I really feel like if I can reach out and touch one person that hurts, maybe I can help others. I feel there have been times I wished I could help more, but those around me already had their lives going on. Maybe this is what I need, I need to start externally repairing strangers while internally healing myself. 

Morris proves that he can be anything he wants to be… He wanted to be a compact car – it required him to eat Holly.

I didn’t know there was a name for those concrete pillar things at gas stations. Turns out they are called bollards.


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