People Care…Give Them A Chance

If you didn’t care what happened to me,
And I didn’t care for you
We would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain
Occasionally glancing up through the rain
Wondering which of the buggers to blame
And watching for pigs on the wing.
Pink Floyd from the Album Animals
Drive down the road on any given day and take notice to what’s going on around you. For me I drive through some of the less savory places of the world, not typically on purpose, but out of curiosity. Driving the same damn road the same damn day to go to the same job can get ridiculously mundane, until you look around you. These people you see driving around you are all fighting their own battles. Every single person on the road has SOMETHING to worry about, be it getting into a wreck with an uninsured motorist or what the next song to come on the radio would be.
Some people, for certain, have a little bit more to worry about, care, or love. Almost every single day, I’ll go down a road I’ve never seen before, not actually physically, but mentally. It’s hard to look at the same thing every day and have the same emotion towards it, and I think that’s why I dig on driving aimlessly around so much. Glancing not through the rain, like the Floyd song (which on a side note, that wasn’t my favorite album, it was a bit political, but I’ve still heard it about a million times…okay, hundreds), but glancing through the traffic wondering what the heck is going on. You can do it anywhere, the post office, the gas station. All joking aside, anyplace where people are going or doing real life things entertains me so much more than any sitcom or drama you can put in front of my face. Life is so much more rich if you actually take the time to care about others.
This past week hasn’t been my best, and although most of my struggles are internal, it’s almost impossible to hide them from the outside world, especially to people that have a decent bone in their body and actually care. I think some of it comes with my need to hide what’s really going on with me, some if it comes with the fact that I think nobody cares. Just like they care enough not to plow into you in traffic, they probably care about who you are as a person. I know that it’s hard to see the good in everybody, it’s there, I’ve seen it, it has really changed the way I interact. I don’t see everybody as just another person taking up the roadway obstructing my travels or the person in line in front of me at the grocery store needing a price check on a damn peach. They’re people too.
We’re all rolling along at our own pace, and it reminds me of one of those groovy tunes that I’m pretty sure most people would roll their eyes at. Cause you know, I’m into groovy tunes….
“I can feel the hand of a stranger
And it tightening around my throat
Heaven help me, heaven help me
Take this stranger, from my boat”
Grand Funk Railroad
(yeah, I went there…)
Walking through life with a preconceived notion that I’m not as good as everybody else has really abated, and I believe that there are many other people that walk around feeling some other “way” about themselves, whether they want to or not. Be it to skinny, fat, dumb, poor, arrogant, unpopular, it’s all the same, we all bottle that up inside and neglect to realize that there are people out there that can change the way you think about life in general. It doesn’t have to be a therapist, it could be as easy as chatting with that same cashier at the grocery store and finding that they’re just as stressed about those mislabeled peaches as the customer before you was.
That stranger around your neck is you, especially with those that suffer from panic, anxiety, social awkwardness, and well, like me, eating disorders. I’ve always kept some of that hand around the throat off with driving and tunes, mostly at the same time. It conjures up some odd feelings at time, seeing as how most of those tunes are almost twice as old as me and that there are very few people that can chat about it, but that makes it even better. I’d even consider it a hobby, and thankfully gas is cheap and music is practically free.
Currently jamming on The Yardbirds…from 1963…smiling, knowing that there are people out there that care, even if I haven’t met them yet.

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