Schulenburg Car Show

Way back in 2014, I had a wild idea to throw a car show in a little bitty, quaint community in Texas. What I thought was going to be a sort of flop turned out to be something bigger than I had ever imagined. Despite chilly temps in the AM, cars started rolling in and the party started.
2014-01-24 10.45.57 2014-01-25 14.17.02 2014-01-25 14.17.12 2014-01-25 14.27.51
DSCF4974 DSCF4975 DSCF4976 DSCF4977 DSCF4978 DSCF4979 DSCF4980 DSCF4981 DSCF4982 DSCF4983 DSCF4984 DSCF4985 DSCF4986 DSCF4987 DSCF4988 DSCF4989 DSCF4990 DSCF4991 DSCF4992 DSCF4993 DSCF4994 DSCF4995 DSCF4996 DSCF4997 DSCF4998 DSCF4999 DSCF5001 DSCF5003 DSCF5004 DSCF5005 DSCF5006 DSCF5007m
DSCF5009 DSCF5010 DSCF5011 DSCF5012 DSCF5013 DSCF5014 DSCF5015 DSCF5016 DSCF5017 DSCF5018 DSCF5019 DSCF5020 DSCF5021 DSCF5022 DSCF5023 DSCF5024 DSCF5025 DSCF5026 DSCF5028 DSCF5029 DSCF5030 DSCF5031 DSCF5032 DSCF5033 DSCF5034 DSCF5035 DSCF5036 DSCF5037 DSCF5038 DSCF5039 DSCF5040 DSCF5041 DSCF5042 DSCF5043 DSCF5044 DSCF5045 DSCF5046 DSCF5047 DSCF5048 DSCF5049 DSCF5050 DSCF5051 DSCF5052 DSCF5053 DSCF5054 DSCF5055 DSCF5056 DSCF5057 DSCF5058 DSCF5059 DSCF5060 DSCF5061 DSCF5062 DSCF5063 DSCF5064 DSCF5065 DSCF5066 DSCF5067 DSCF5068 DSCF5069
DSCF5073 DSCF5074 DSCF5075 DSCF5076 DSCF5077 DSCF5078
DSCF5082 DSCF5083


5 thoughts on “Schulenburg Car Show

  1. Nikki,

    That day was a lot of fun. You’re right, when you were on ice pun intended) in your San Antonio hotel, I didn’t think the event would ever happen. These are some great photos. There’s even one of you, my wife, and I next to the grey e30 M3. I hope all is well.

  2. If you could draw that many attendees during an ice storm, I can’t imagine what you could do with some decent weather. Great photos and it looks like everybody was having a good time. Well done.

  3. Roller Coaster weekend for sure. Still can’t believe Chris and I flew to Texas to rent an American car to attend a European Car show. Musta been Shark Fever..

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