Mystery of the Model T


Unfortunately, the ride in the model T  was short, but the memories will last a lifetime. Something about the age, the reliability, the patina, the overall history of the automobile made it magical.

Bouncing away from the queue, we were transported into a fantastic time portal in which the world was simple, technology was minimal and the complexity of modern life disappeared. The model T bounced along the narrow roadway through a fabricated town in a magical land of Henry Ford.

I’ve never had anything really awesome to say about Henry Ford, but I do admire him. I admire him for allowing us to enjoy his fantastic driving machine, I admire him for the innovations he’s put forth in assembly lines, I really admire him for building something out of nothing.

That, I guess, is where I find myself. My empire seems to have crumbled, my buildings have fallen and all that seemed as steady as a concrete bridge has collapsed under my feet. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s almost like getting into that model T.

Most people would just get into the car, go for the touristy ride, and take pictures to share with friends to say, “hey, look what I did”. I didn’t feel that way, I felt humbled. I felt different, I felt gratitude for so many things. The ride was a bit bumpy, yes. The seat was pretty well broken in, but then again, so is my rear end. There was a mystic feeling to that ride.

I now look back at that ride and wonder, what would it be like if I went back and did it on a different day? Would my experience be any better or worse depending on who the driver was, that particular model T from the  fleet I was in, who I  was riding with?

Yes, yes yes!

It’s a new day, and everything that transpires from day to day builds up into unique, stronger people. Some people, the lucky ones I think, are able to see the pieces and form a strong person from scratch, others aren’t that smart. Not for lack of trying, but just lack of ability.

Think about Henry Ford, he has the ability to build something amazing out of a pile of junk. Other people might have looked at him like he was insane, or worse, just different. He didn’t care though, he was driven to build, to create,  destroy the failures and see successes take their place. The people that Jun the inventive mind are just scared of using their maximum potential.

I’m looking at a pile of car parts and wondering how can I build my very own model T? From these pieces I’ve been blessed with, what am I going to Build? My idea is to construct the model T I’ve always wanted to be. I’m not going to adhere to other people’s build sheets, listen to what the public wants or even take time to see what the competition is doing. Henry Ford didn’t have competition, and I believe that’s what made him who he was.

In modern culture, I feel play too much to the competition for direction. I’m building my model, but I’m starting from the bottom and working my way up.



2 thoughts on “Mystery of the Model T

  1. I suspect the new model will be well built and very attractive for many reasons. I also think it will be a model that a lot of people wish they had. Keep us updated as the design develops.

    • For the first time in my entire life I don’t care if the car is attractive or not, I just want it to work right and be reliable. My first design flaw is getting fixed, it’ll take some body shop work, but it’ll get fixed. The worst thing that could possibly happen is if I lose faith in my mechanic(me)

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