Keep Kicking!

“I’ve only kicked one person in my entire life.”

“That can’t be true, you were kicking your mom before you were even born.”

“Exactly, who did you THINK I was talking about?”

Welcome to my morning, after a nice breakfast sandwich, a coffee and about an hour long cry, things seemed to settle into place. Even getting my coffee was a learning experience.

“What about your girlfriend, doesn’t she want a coffee too?” Barista at Starbucks

“No, she is only pro-gas station coffee. She won’t drink this stuff.” Good looking dude in front of me.

“Oh.” Barista

The guy leaves and my favorite barista says to me “You know, I should really go into giving people therapy. He’s been coming in here for years and is very particular on his coffee. Doesn’t he see that this gas station coffee thing is going to trickle down into other parts of their relationship?”

I nod, smile, and think. Think, I’m always thinking.

The message to Jim this morning “I’m an emotional wreck”. I get to work his response, “Well, which way is the wreck heading today?” There wasn’t a good answer, but there was a very good response, “On track, no derailments allowed.”

Then we got on  tangents, about how men have too much pride to realize sometimes they can hurt feelings. We talked about wanting to give up and run away from problems, then we talked about football.

What do I know about football, let me think. Nothing except there is the kicker, and he’s got a stressful job. Just like in the big Clemson game a few weeks ago, the kicker choked, and choked again. He didn’t run away though, his team would have thought him a coward and that would be the end of his career. The kicker kept kicking, even though he was having a bad day. Who knows why, he just did. He wouldn’t have been put on a team with that sort of reputation if he wasn’t good at kicking at least ONCE in his life. It wasn’t like they picked a random dude out of the horticulture department and said “Hey, dude, come kick for us.”

That kicker kept kicking. After the game, did he give up kicking all together because it suddenly became “too hard” or because “he sucked” or because he was booed at. No. My guess is he went home, tail between legs and practiced even harder. He knew he had it in him, he just didn’t have it at that time.

I forgot to keep on kicking this morning. I was reminded I’ve been through some ridiculously tough times in life, and although I wanted to quit kicking, I didn’t. I kept on, I still miss the field goal but I keep kicking. One day, I’m telling you, one day I’m going to kick that field goal and then, well, bam, I’ll have it.

This is important why you ask?

*insert plug for book here*

Because my book, the Noodle, The Noose, and the Nectar is about kicking. I didn’t realize it until this morning, but I wrote an entire book about kicking.

So my advice to you, keep kicking, oh and read my book.

Preview Book Here

Sometimes I don't feel like kicking. Sometimes my legs are tired and I want to say "Screw it, lets go fishing". Just like swimming, if you quit kicking you're going to drown.

Sometimes I don’t feel like kicking. Sometimes my legs are tired and I want to say “Screw it, lets go fishing”. Just like swimming, if you quit kicking you’re going to drown.


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