There’s no place like home.


It’s a crappy picture, yet, something about it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. As much as I hate to admit it I am, in fact, from this great state, Wisconsin. Although as I’m here now, I feel about as disconnected with it as ever. It’s not necessarily a bad disconnect, it’s more like hanging up on bad phone call and realizing, “whew, I thought that’d never end”

The end, actually is a beginning for me. As stupid as it sounds to most people, driving five hours across Michigan to simple have dinner with my mom and burn shit with my sister was about the best therapy I could have ever asked for. Being here, it’s teaching me that the person I was when I was here is an entirely different person than who I am now. I’m happy about that, I really am.

I’m able to enjoy the simplest things in life like bad fortunes in fortune cookie and burning shit, but at the same time I can’t stop at that. I must adventure on to find out what life is really all about. It doesn’t stop after you come to a conclusion after reading your fortune cookie, it begins when you realize you don’t need a fortune cookie to tell you what you want in life.

What is it that I want? Acceptance, worldwide acceptance of everybody for everybody. In other words, just let me be me and you be you and live on. Who’s to say that what makes one person happy is wrong? My sister likes to burn shit, hell, so do I and if I could do so more often I might get out aggression. I have a friend that likes to sing at bars, good for her.

Me. I like to adventure, both physically and mentally. The only way to push your comfort zone is to accept that the comfort zone you’re used to is only there because others have conditioned you to be that way. Like saying you’re afraid of skydiving, how the heck do you know unless you try?

Personally, I love skydiving. It’s almost like setting your body free in the air.

More fire!



2 thoughts on “There’s no place like home.

  1. As a Northern transplant to the South, I relate to that feeling. We go back to visit family like you do, but the feeling is not that of going home, and after a couple of days, we’re ready to go “home”.

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