Running to the comfort of food.

Again, I find myself upset and I run to the first thing that can hurt me the most for comfort, food.

Why, why can’t I be normal?!


4 thoughts on “Running to the comfort of food.

  1. So what happened that put you in this frame of mind, Nikki? I sure would love to be there for you, because I’m going through my own 50-something angst right now, so the other end of the spectrum from you, but still not a fun place to be. I think we could be beneficial for each other. You know, virtual <<<>>> and all…

    • It’s interesting, I think of the interwebs as almost like a beneficial bacteria in the soil. Although it attaches itself to you and is parasitic, it still assists in the uptake of valuable information and assistance. The bacteria in the soil attach to the roots to expand the surface area and help uptake water and nutrients, whatever they don’t need, the plant gets. Win win.

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