Always Color Outside The Lines

I’ve never been one to live comfortably inside a set perimeter and abide my “normal” day-to-day standards. There are, however, certain times that I actually decide to be responsible and step up to the plate of being a fully functional adult. This weekend, however, will not be one of them. Not surprised? Me either.

It’s a special occasion, really. First off, I’m celebrating not just my birthday but also the start of what I’ve decided is going to be one of the best decades of my life – my thirties. So what, I can claim that I’m still twenty something and I can’t really expect to get carded anymore, but that’s okay. I don’t like digging my ID out anyways.

More over, my little baby sister drove all the way down here from Wisconsin to visit. Why is this a big deal, well, it’s almost like I see a little bit of me in her. There is a spark to her that doesn’t flinch at the thought of hopping in a 13 year old Nissan and driving for 16 hours straight through some of the most boring (and some of the most interesting) states of this country. There were naysayers, of course, but it seemed like the majority of them were more concerned that she was going to get kidnapped because her car was going to break down. Both which seem likely, but not really. The liklihood of her getting rammed by some sleep deprived trucker is far greater, or at least by my statistical standards.

Besides, she’s like me, don’t screw with her otherwise you’ll get an earful. I’d like to see the poor bastard that tries to abduct one of the “Weed Girls”.

Even more deviation from the norm is going to be going to the races with her, all the way down at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Although I’m a car nut, I can’t say I really feel like I’m up-to-date on what a Nationwide series is, or even what the heck is racing. All I really know is that the race starts at 7, and I’ve got a seat. I’ve done some pretty exciting things like jumping out of planes, but this is making me a little more on the edge of my seat than that did. I guess I knew that when I jumped out of the plane the parachute would open and I’d end up on the ground eventually – but the race – that’s a different story.

What if we get abducted by a crazy race fan?

With that mentality nobody ever goes anywhere. It’s one of my favorite childhood memories – which I’ll share – my aunt was watching me color one day and I was filling in the vacancy of the belly of a bear. The white page, to me at least, was screaming for some pink. Pink it got, but in the form of me coloring in the entire bear with this pink crayon. My aunt said “that says something about you, most people would just color it brown or black and call it a day.” I didn’t get it as much as I do today, but it seems like I’ve always been coloring my bears pink and having blatant disregard for what the world expects.
2014-08-29 20.18.21


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