Replacing A Turn Signal Light – Not The Walk In The Park I Had Hoped For

Whoever made up the saying about making lemonade with lemons was on drugs. I don’t care how you slice them, they’re still sour, they’ll still hurt like a bastard if they get in your eyes and they’ll still give you sores in your mouth if your deficient in Vitamin A. The whole logic of that saying is if you’ve got crap, add something to it and make it a little less crappy.

Case in point, highlight of my life today is riding to work on Max. Max is my buddy, he never lets me down, although sometimes he tests me to see if I’m paying enough attention to be a functional member of society. Particularly on the open road. On the way to work I get this odd orange light, one that doesn’t go off. Odd I thought, then I realized it was only when I was making a right turn. Bam, that’s it, it was the blinker. By that time I had already committed to getting to work before investigating.

When the lemons come, be prepared, because they’ll be sour, just like me rendevoux with that damn turn signal. This isn’t a standard bulb, no, you have to get it at the motorcycle dealership across town. This isn’t an easy unscrew the cover housing, you have to take the whole assembly and loosen it to twist it to unscrew the screws that hold the plastic thing on. Then you have to twist and pull, twist and pull, all the while being very careful not to accidentally have your skin take an involentary visit to the scorching hot exhaust right next to you.

No bulb still. I have no money in my motorcycle pocket, I have to go to class, and I am not in the best of moods. Hey, on the plus side I’ve got some sugar to put into my lemon juice….


2014-08-17 15.13.17

2014-08-19 08.45.58

2014-08-19 08.46.08

2014-08-19 08.46.19

2014-08-19 08.47.59

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