Dichotomy – The Difference Between Us

So, I have an alter ego, his name is Zips. Don’t get this confused, however, with a multiple personality. No no, we’re not going there, I already take enough medication I don’t need any more. Zips, in all of his chubby self, is what I want to be – brave, confident, assured, and dangerous. Me, I’m well, chubby, a coward, unsure and don’t really like anything that requires change. Today, randomly at work, Zips and I found this cardboard pyramid. Of course most people would just toss it and say “Rubbish”, nope, not me, not Zips. It was an opportunity for me to really stretch out and see where the differences are. What Zips would do in a pyramid scheme and what I would do.

(Don’t get me started on how wrong pyramid schemes are…)

On the bottom level you have to “buy into the investment”. Of course that’s where risk comes in, I’m out from the get go. Zips, however, in all of his dangerous self buys in. Then he slowly builds his pyramid, not ever looking up to see what’s at the top. He sees an endless opportunity of advancement and ability to make some serious cash. He sees yachts, trips to Brazil, and of course a nicer Beehive.

I on the other hand would look straight to the top of the pyramid and see what the outcome would possibly be instead of even trying it first. I look at my side of the pyramid scheme and immediately see “Go To Jail”. Nope, not me. All of the steps between here and there aren’t even looked at. It could even be a circumstance where I wouldn’t actually go to jail, maybe just pay some fines, but nonetheless, I’m not doing it. I’m not going to “Get rich quick”.

Zips on the other hand is a little more ambitious. A go getter he is, no doubt. So the devil on one shoulder is telling me to go, do, change, create, build, destroy, cultivate, and the angel on the other shoulder is telling me, just sit down and be still, you’ll be okay.

Damn it Zips, bad influence you are.

2014-07-30 13.37.03-1


One thought on “Dichotomy – The Difference Between Us

  1. Been there, done that, “got the t-shirt”. Awesome analysis of what if, woulda-coulda-shoulda, what the hell was I thinking???

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