Personal transformation time.



One thought on “Personal transformation time.

  1. Great material, Nikki. I once traveled on lightly loaded late night flight from Columbus OH to Los Angeles. I got to talking with one of the stewardesses, as she was contemplating her future. I sent her the audio tapes of this set to the airport and airline so she could get it when she came through again. About a year later, I got a letter from her; don’t know how she obtained that info. She thanked me profusely for Wayne’s counsel, and she had decided to not end her life, and go to college to become a pharmacist. Then I heard from her again about 4 years later, and she had been accepted to pharmacy school at USC. Wow, did I feel good about that, about having contributed in some very small way to another person’s life’s journey. I hope you’ll find goodness in this very small gift from me. Take care. And best to you on your journey.

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