Be Your Own Engineer For A Day

Outside The Box

Think outside the box, instead of having the world decide what your plans are going to be, draw them yourself. You’ll be surprised at what you find not only in your actions, but about what you see in yourself.

“Now is your chance, today is the day that you decide to think outside the box,” i said to myself in an unsure manner. Today feels different, there is a certain crispness in the air and the train whistles in the distance don’t seem quite as lonely today as they do on most days. Most of the time I hear the train, all I can think of is a lonely Engineer on his way to some crappy town to drop off some load of crap. His only friend the trees and cities whizzing by his Engine room window. Today, however, I think that train in the distance sounds like it’s excited to be going wherever the tracks lead it. 

The inspiration of the train whistle isn’t really the whole point of this diatribe, it’s actually the fact that I’m getting to become familiar with all things unfamiliar. I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone and explored areas in my life which were otherwise too scary to face. Going back to school for example; what if I didn’t do perfect? Oh well, try harder, always try harder. I have found however, that the worse you do, the more attention you get, which for somebody like me is, ahem, not always the best.

I’m not going to lie, I like attention (most people already know that). I mean, why the hell else would I have a website devoted to my adventures (and Zips too)? I actually think people care about what’s going on in my life. I’ve realized, however, they don’t. I’m just like that train going down the tracks to some shitty town full of warehouses. I’m just one of thousands of trains across the world going somewhere for some reason. It doesn’t have to be lonely though, I only thought it was lonely, but in all honestly, it’s powerful. 

Once you realize that that lonely train on the tracks is really you, and that lonely Engineer is your ability to make choices, the empowerment you’ll get is pretty freaking incredible. So on this day, when you’re approaching whatever it is you’re doing, be it sitting on your butt watching The Price IS Right or going to work to be a slave to some big corporate entity, remember, you’re the one in control of your own train. Make the decision to be a train wreck or a reliable Engineer that delivers the goods that people want and need.

Do any of us really want to be train wrecks? 


2 thoughts on “Be Your Own Engineer For A Day

  1. That advice seems to me to be given in “anger?” Good advice. No one can be your or me – only we can be ourselves. And the choices that we’ve made so far from a network of choices defines us, and so too the coming network of choices. Don’t know if you like to read or listen to audio tapes, but I’d recommend Wayne Dyer’s “You have to believe it to see it.” I’ve found solace and comfort and wisdom in that audio tape. Best to you. I enjoy your written pieces in Roundel (especially bringing the Shark back to the East). Take good care. Jim
    ps – your piece on the Shark made me want one, too. I bought a Euro M6 (with an M88/3 engine) and am having it worked over to make it dependable and drivable.

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