Have you heard the buzz?

So, maybe I’m a little partial, but there’s nothing quite like getting to work in the morning and seeing a Bottle Brush Buckeye in full bloom covered with busy little bees. These little guys don’t seem to have a care in the world, they’re too busy with the task at hand, half the time they don’t even realize you’re there.


Although the Bottlebrush Buckeye isn’t exactly my favorite tree/shrub type plant, it does get me thinking. Where exactly am I going to “bee” in a few years? What do I want out of life, do I want to be a slave to a queen that I never see – aka – an eating disorder.


I’ve been doing well, a health scare last week and the whole falling asleep randomly was kind of a setback, especially on my first week of my new semester at school. I’ll keep on truckin’ though. I’m just like one of those little bees. Maybe there is a deeper meaning…bottlebrushbee bottlebrushbeesbeebannerDSCF5701


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