Zips is on hiatus this semester. Meet tickle mouse.

Since the world ever seems to be a changing (thanks Bob Dylan) I recollect a time in my life that I used to carry a little rubber doberman pincher in my backpack to School every day. I names it Sasha and I went through some of the roughest years of elementary school and middle school with me. For whatever reason I had a big fascination with a boy that had a doberman pincher named Sasha. Kida aren’t the most logical sometimes, but that dog fit in the palm of my hand and when I was stressed she was always there.

I. Am. Stressed.

I guess I’ve downsized a but by grabbing tickle mouse and stuffing him in the pocket of my scrubs. He is important, primarily because he’s important in the progression of my relationship with life. I look back and remember when he came into my life and I think of how far I’ve come since then.

Hooray, tickle mouse.

Wish me luck, he’ll be learning, or getting his little head squeezed in when I’m stressed. That’s what I did to Sasha, so…..

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