Eating Disorder Go To Hell Day.

Eating Disorder Go To Hell Day.

Proud, no. Excited, yes.
I look at this picture and am kind of disgusted, but at the same time I’m very proud of myself. I can look at all the terrible things I think I see, but realize there are much uglier things in the world…like dwarf Alberta Spruce.

Man I hate those things.


One thought on “Eating Disorder Go To Hell Day.

  1. I guess no “Mrs. Miyagi” mentality for you, eh? I know your struggle is with self-image. I assure you, we don’t see what you seem to in the mirror. I’m not too crazy about the language, though.
    Just noticed the announcement to the right! YAY! You and the SO have set a date, finally! Halloween? Will it be a theme wedding to fit the day? 😉

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