Welcome to the dark side.

Did I ever really think that I’d say I like something even more than I like my BMW?

Would anybody really believe me if I said I really like my rental car?

Would anybody take me seriously if I said that it was a Kia Soul?


All of these things are true. After getting in an accident on Monday, my beloved One Series has been placed into little red car ICU and is undergoing some plastic surgery. In the meantime, since I have awesome insurance, I get a rental car until my life is “back to normal.” What is normal though? I mean seriously, do they know who they’re talking to?

Enter the Hertz dilemma – I had an option of a Camry or a Camry. They kept trying to talk me into the damn thing, and honestly, I HATE Camrys. They’re stupid, the commericals are stupid, they’re old lady cars. They have no personality. After looking out at the lot I saw that they had a Kia Soul available. After expressing interest in it, they kind of laughed at me, and said, “It’s not as nice as the Camry.” I demanded it. It felt good. I got what I wanted.

The thing that really blew my mind about the Soul was that it was quick. Although the transmission (I believe it has a CVT) is a bit vague, it makes me feel a little more human. I don’t feel like people are trying to run me off the road because I drive a BMW. I don’t feel like people judge me at stoplights because they think that I’m better than them because I AM in a BMW. It’s an interesting feeling, I feel more like the me I remember.

I’ve always been a poor girl, and I still am. I guess since having the BMW I’ve feel kind of like a poser, pretending to be somebody that I’m not. I love my BMW, I love my One Series, I don’t want to give it up at all, but at the same time, I’m really liking the feeling of just being me. Maybe this brief tenure of being a Kia driver will teach me something about myself. It might just teach me that it’s not what you’re in it’s what inside that counts.

2014-06-13 19.31.33Nikkis Loaner Car


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the dark side.

  1. Did the Soul come with a hamster to co-drive? I liked the original Kia Soul commercials with the hamsters rocking-out to hip-hop music. The new commercials where the hamsters are buffed up in Italian suits…..not so much.
    And what the heck happened to your HAIR???? LOL!!!

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