No Graduation Day For Me

Yesterday marked a bunch of very exciting things for me. First off, I made the plunge and am now enrolled in school. Yes, that’s right, the random blonde girl will finally have some answers. Beyond that, the goal is to achieve happiness by following a career path that will make me happy, gratified and be a little less painful on my body. Twelve years of working in a nursery will make your body hate you. Your shoulders will sound like Rice Krispies when you put on your clothes in the morning and you’ll always have this stabbing pain in your lower back. Beyond all that it’s just about impossible to keep your fingernails clean even if you do wear gloves and it’s impossible to keep a good looking hair do because of the constant weather.

Did I mention I absolutely hate being cold and detest moving air AKA wind? Yeah, this career path has done me a little bit along the lines of getting me someplace in life, but now it’s time that I go where I REALLY want to go. That’s inside, an inside with heat.

Did I mention I’d also like to have a lunch break that doesn’t include being pestered constantly?

But the other important thing about yesterday was the fact that I “graduated” from my two week Eating Disorder Recovery program. I am not, however, accepting the invitation to graduate. I feel I’m not ready for the big old world yet, I’m going to go an extra semester and see what else I can learn about myself. I enjoy learning my strengths and sharing them with the world. Hopefully my personal development will inspire you to look into yourself and see what might need changing.

Do you need a new hair do?

Do you need a new car?

Do you need a new friend? If so, I’m your girl, for all three of those. I’ll sell you my car (for a fair price), I’ll cut your hair (but not very good), and I’ll be your friend, no matter what!




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