Silly, sure!


Silly, don’t mind if I do! In the midst of a panicked near binge at work, I decided I needed to remove myself from the situation and get my head straight. I had already eaten WAY too many peanuts and was seriously eyeing diving into some food that didn’t have any business in my belly. I walked away – well – drove away. I went up to CVS, with all intentions on grabbing sweets, snacks, all things that are bad for me – but for some reason I didn’t. I knew better, I thought nothing more than what this day was supposed to be about. .. . . fun!


So, of course I needed to have fun, and in the  meantime, make fun of myself. What better way that to look stupid – I mean think about it. I try every waking hour to be a bombshell babe that is envied by women and lusted after by men – but why? I have a man that I love with all my heart and will forever and I don’t even talk to other females, so how could I know if they envied me or not. It was time to blow myself up – make an ass of myself. Wear a stupid hat.

I went a step further and went to a hot dog stand by work The Dawg House is a must go to place for anybody that is a french fry purist or even just likes a nice slaw dog. I went in there knowing that I was in full out “want to binge” mode and ordered something exciting – a slaw dog and fries with no intention on eating them. I just wanted to supply a small business with revenue. Not only that, I wanted to brighten that mans day with a big old slime and a tip as big as the total bill. I know he has no idea who I am or what I’m going through, but he helped, he helped a lot. I think everytime I feel like I need a binge I’m going to walk up there, with my stupid hat on, and give him the money that I would have otherwise used on binging.

Visit him. He’s awesome, then come visit me, I’ll even wear my hat for you!


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