I am confident and capable

“As long as the sun does shine, I’m going to get my share of what is mine…”

I’m a fan of the Grateful Dead, and of course music is like medicine to the soul. Every time I turn on the radio, there are some sort of lyrics that will stick with me throughout the day and remind me of where other people have been and what they sing about. I’ve always admired those that can put words together and sing, and I even more admire those that can put words together and sing and make a living doing so. Of course, I lack talent, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. This is where my morning warm-up assignment for March 25th comes in. I need to find ways that I’m confident and capable.

So, who cares, I’m not confident nor capable enough to stand in front of a crowd right now and sing a song. I could probably write one, as a matter of fact I’ve got an entire notebook full of songs that I’ve written with a little tune that I can hum along to make it seem less like a yowling cat. However, I don’t really need that sort of fame and fortune. I don’t really need people to give me a standing ovation because I rocked their faces off. I just need to be able to be sure of myself enough to get in front of a crowd and show my talent – or lack there of.

Those who know me are aware that I’m a confident person when it comes down to speaking in front of crowds. Heck, I’ve been on live television more times than I can remember. Being on Making It Grow, a live gardening show, has taught me that as long as you have confidence in what you’re talking about you’ll be fine. As long as you channel your confidence it will allow you (me) to be capable of whatever you (I) am doing. The first time I went on live television there wasn’t much that I was afraid of, no camera shyness, no shell shock, nothing really. I was confident that I knew what I was talking about and I didn’t have to be scared, I was capable of acheiving the task.

Right now I look at overcoming this disordered thinking the same way. I’m confident in myself and am fully aware of what I’m capable of, I just need to believe in myself. Instead of using logic to fumble my way through the day, go with what I know is right instead of over-analyzing every aspect of it. Go with the flow, and understand that I already know what’s best for me, I just have to follow through. Like being on the tv show, I knew that it was best for me not to use four letter words or pick my nose, so I didn’t do it. Easy as that. So today I’m going to use that same mentality to not screw up and just NOT do it. I’m going to be the antithesis of Nike today.

As far as doing an open mic night, look for me soon. Mark my words in a year I will be the one on the stage singing my song “Away with me”. I might even play an instrument. I’ll start selling tickets the same place I sold tickets to come along for a ride on the Shark adventure 😛

This was the second to last time I was on the show Making It Grow. I didn't care about how I looked, I cared about being intellectual. Maybe I'm onto something, huh!

This was the second to last time I was on the show Making It Grow. I didn’t care about how I looked, I cared about being intellectual. Maybe I’m onto something, huh!


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