Follow Along!

In the adventure of life I have realized that not all adventures turn out exactly as hoped. Flat tires, blown engines and even wrong turns can lead what you think would be an awesome adventure into a mess – a hot mess – of confusion. That’s where I am, a hot mess of confusion.

I’m not confused about where I’m going in life, who I want to be with, or who I want to become, but I’m confused as to where I’ve been. This confusion as to my history and past has caused grief, and unfortunately an eating disordered relapse. I had been doing so well, on top of the world and all that jazz, but this spring something has hit me. I’d like to point my finger firmly at my place of work, but then again, I’m the one that needs the finger pointed at.

So, I’m going to adventure down a road that I’ve been down before and ask you to join me along for the ride. Feel free to offer up support, suggestions or even some bad jokes to take the tenseness out of things. On the top of this page you will see the tab for “A Two Week Guide To Recovery” a program that I’m taking from the book Bulimia – A Guide To Recovery (it’s an amazing book, I suggest everybody read it, even if you’re not struggling, you might know somebody who is).

Follow along day by day. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Happiness will be mine.



3 thoughts on “Follow Along!

  1. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. You are not alone as you travel on this journey. Positive thought for your recovery travel with you.

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