Signing off

As anybody who has had correspondence with me about business or personal matters, you’ll know that I close every email with “signing off”.

Consider this my signing off, not of the adventures, but of my social media presence. It causes me heartache, it causes me false friends that don’t really care about me besides in an imaginary world. To the family and friends that I’m signing off from, I will not miss you. I’ll be here, with my real friends and family. Ones that have lives outside of their computer screens.


2 thoughts on “Signing off

  1. Nikki, I hope you’ll still be available via email, texts and phone conversations. I hope you don’t think I am one of the false friends. I genuinely am someone that cares about what “the blonde girl with a million questions and no answers” does with yourself and how you make your way through life. Take care, Pepita!

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