And so it begins…

Nothing is every quite right, even when it seems perfect. Case in point here, the Shark. The interior, well it needs a little bit of TLC.

Don’t we all, right?

Well, the TLC it deserves is going to be handed to it directly this weekend in the form of strip that sucker down and start over.

Although, it seems a bit drastic for a car that just hauled my butt all the way across America. There is the vanity issue. Sharkfest is coming up.


May 3rd, The Zentrum, Here in South Carolina. The absolute mecca for all things Shark. This year they’re even inviting E9’s and 8 series (I think those are more like some other aquatic animal that I haven’t named yet). I want everyone to be there, I want all the passionate shark folks that I’ve met in the past three weeks to be there.

I want to be there, with Lee, and the Shark looking at it’s absolute best.

This calls for some money to be spend, knuckles to be busted and some wrenches to be twisted. Saturday, we are going to get a new set of front “comfort” seats – but not only any comfort seats – HEATED comfort seats.

This is a problem, believe it or not. The whole while I was driving across the country I was wondering to myself, “what would it take to make me want the shark over my one series as a daily driver”. It was simple, heated seats.

Now, with the addition of them, what am I supposed to do?

Ah, the decisions of a car enthusiast.

of course, interiors aren't complete without the random Tommy Gun

of course, interiors aren’t complete without the random Tommy Gun


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