Every New Beginning…

In a whirlwind of events and action, this week has snuck up on me – Eating Disorder Awareness week. It’s a bit of a sore subject with me, and let me explain before you think I discredit the entire thing all together.  I’m not against “activism” but I am against being reminded of something. In my circumstance, it just reminds me how many other people are suffering right along with me – that makes me depressed, very depressed.

We all know what happens to some people when they get depressed, they make bad decisions, do stupid things to try to alleviate their melancholy and then regret them soon after. I’ve done this in the past, I’ll probably do it at some time in the future, but not this year. Not today, not tomorrow, not this week.

Having this week jump up at me, I decided that I’m going to be proactive and fight before the battle even starts. I’m going to do other things, things that I won’t feel bad about, things I’ll be proud of, things that will potentially make a difference in somebodies life. Even if it only effects me, well, I count as a life so, yay me.

To Do:

  • Research this podcast thing
  • Do some serious thinking about the future and where I’m going, not where I’ve been
  • Do some writing on my new fiction piece
  • Finish things that I’ve started
  • Start things that I’m going to finish
  • Plant stuff and tear stuff up
  • Appreciate the fact that I’m not really the troll that I see myself as

As for the list, I don’t understand why this can’t be a list for every week, not just this week. Why should I be limited to one week of Eating Disorder Awareness when it’s something that happens all day, every day.

Screw that I say. I hate by body still, but at least I’ll be doing something productive in the meantime.

In an attempt at doing some good, like listed on my list (ha, listed on a list) I’m going to share the introduction to my book:

“The Life and Times Of An Eating Disordered Junkie”

The words that appear on these pages are a collaboration of both philosophical and psychological vantage points of a disordered mind. Disordered minds are, as the root of the word explains, out-of-order. Taking that into consideration, when typical things are out of order, like a carnival ride for example, there it is usually put out of use until it can be fixed, replaced or just left to rot. Our minds don’t quite work that way, and although there are certain times that it would seem easier to put up an “Out-Of-Order” sign on our minds, it’s impossible. The only option is to work on your mind constantly, and try to keep it in as good of condition as you can. Just like anything that requires maintenance, if you’re able to keep up with it when it does break, chances are it won’t be as severe.  This book is intended to take you on a journey through the mind and hopefully open up some new ways to approach life. Some aspects may not apply to all, but they all apply to somebody, you can be sitting right next to somebody that is experiencing these struggles!

Want more, let me know!

#strugglingauthor #eatingdisorderssuck



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