Passenger, properly

I love driving, I love the road, but it seems that you never really get to know your car until you’re a passenger. Sitting in the copilot seat is a unique experience, especially if you’ve just booked 2200 miles behind the same wheel all by yourself.

Not only do I enjoy experiencing my car from a spectator point of view, it’s really nice to be able to glance over a d be in love with so many things at once. The driver, the car, the road, life in general. All of it is perfect, and I couldn’t expect it to get more awesome.

Feeling the car from the passenger seat is also a bit nerving. You can watch the world go by and not have much say so in the input of the car. You go with the flow, and it feels great but a little odd at the same time.

As a passenger I can sit back and reflect on the trip I have just taken. I have already driven these roads, I already know what interstate 10 feels like going through Louisiana. It’s bumpy, it’s flat, and there are casino signs galore. The only thing I’ll gamble with for now is betting on if my love will let me drive again.

2 thoughts on “Passenger, properly

  1. Aw, Lee looks so content. Miss y’all. Connie and I thought the car show was top notch…never would have known it was an inaugural event! Ken

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