I am Don Quixote

After an amazing night of socializing with the amazing board members of the LA chapter and hearing stories of their adventures, I realized, I am Don Quixote.

Of course, I’m not on a horse and I don’t have a faithful side kick, unless you count zips. So, as I pioneer my way across the country, I can’t help but wonder, am I bat shit crazy like he was? Do I have a screw or two loose? No, absolutely not, quite the opposite.

Let me explain. Don Quixote was a very important dude in my life, not only because I was jealous of his nomadic lifestyle, he was crazy. He was crazy, bu5 at the same time he was so convinced and faithful to his convictions he never realized he was crazy, he was, well, just being himself. That’s what I’m doing, I’m being myself.
Which gets mixed reviews, but hey, I’m not here to please the world. Quite the opposite, I’m on this adventure to find my own windmills. I’m on this adventure to meet my own town folk, and those that are naysayers, well, get out of my way.

The shark is solid, it’s a sure-footed steed with an ambitious spirit, much like me. That car has a personality, and I very much believe that the car is a reincarnation (pun intended) of Don Quixote himself. So, I am in debate ad to if I should name the car Don or keep on looking for a better name. Hunky Junky is taken name wise.

What would you call it?

3 thoughts on “I am Don Quixote

  1. Good looking car, enjoy the trip. Nothing better than the great American road trip. I like the name Big Red, but that is not really original

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