New Event : White Elephant Swap At The Show And Shine After Party

I love presents. I love getting presents I should say, but at the same time I get a really sick and twisted enjoyment out of seeing other people get really BAD presents. All time favorite, re-gifting a plumb bob to my dad when I was about nine. I needed something to wrap up for fathers day and didn’t get to go shopping, so I just went into his workshop, found something still in the wrapper (kind of) and wrapped it up. His response “Huh, I think I have one just like this in the shop”. Of course, he was trying to make me feel better, but at that time I realized, I suck at giving presents.

Perhaps you’re awesome at it. Well then, good for you, make a YouTube video for the rest of us slacks so that we quit sucking so much. Or, just keep your secrets to yourself. It’ll just mean you’ll get crappy presents forever.

On a brighter note, this Show And Shine gives me an excellent opportunity to share an event that got passed over by the Texas Z Club – an annual Holiday white elephant gift swap. Of course, it’s not the holidays anymore, so DON’T bring Christmas crap. This will be an excellent opportunity for us to exchange crappy, er, share the love that resonates in car buffs. Bring something wrapped and be prepared to giggle, or heck if you’re a manly man,  laugh with the rest of us.

The swap will occur after the show at the Banquet hall. Of course there will be food to be had and tasty adult beverages to enjoy (sometimes they make presents even better!). I’ll have a few extra gifts on hand, and would be happy to distribute them in exchange for a donation to the BMW CCA Foundation.



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