The voyage into the unknown – or known – stupid Google.

I’m planning, and then planning some more, and then I end up erasing the plans I have made to make new ones. It seems that the only thing that I can be absolutely certain of is that I’m going to be flying to San Diego and picking up a car at some point and time. Along the lines of other stuff going on, that’s where I’ve absolutely lost it. It seems like there are events galore, and I can’t help but wonder, am I going to be able to be that much of a people person for that long of a period of time? Ha, of course. I love people, I love talking, but it’s the getting there that might have me a little frustrated.

Here’s why. Not only do I have events lined up, I also have to rely on the Shark to get me to where I have to go. I’m not under any circumstance doubting the sharks ability to transport me from place to place, it’s my navigation of getting to those places that has me a little, well, concerned. I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a big “techie” and I don’t really desire to have a navigation system in the car, but at the same time, I don’t think it will hurt matters either. The last time I was brave (or something like that) to explore off the beaten Interstate path  and see some back roads, I got terribly lost – but I was able to find my way – but only because I knew that Louisville was somewhere to the west. That was it, it wasn’t a bad experience, but then again, I don’t want people to be tapping their toes wondering where the heck I am. I am known to be chronically late.

So, being the intelligent at times person that I am, I decided to start mapping a route on Google Maps, but then stopped. The problem with Google Maps is that it’s kind of spoiling the adventure and the spontaneity f things. When I can sit at the computer and take my eyes on a magical road trip without ever leaving my desk – that’s when I worry. Are these the road trips our children are going to be taking in the future. Are we a dying age of drivers for the sake of adventure as opposed to transportation?

I stopped using Google Maps and started using the website to mark my way across the country. Not only does it NOT spoil the surprises, it gives you off the beaten path “photo ops” that are probably not placed on any AAA map. I’m going to venture on my way, I’ve got my route made. Follow along.

Thank y’all.

Happy Holidays.



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