Raise your fist to the sky

(not shark related, but a very good depiction as to why I’d be crazy enough to go on this blind adventure in the first place)

Modern day philosophy has let me down in so many ways my stomach turns to think about it. While sitting to put the finishing touches on my book (N3), I looked into my archives of existential studies and found that there hasn’t been anybody deeper than a kiddie pool since Richard Nixon. I said it, he was the last person in a  superior role that I had respect for. A person that could make bad decision and stand up and admit to the wrongs and be graceful about it. There are aspects of life that just require you to gracefully bow out, and to me that’s what the study of existentialism is – who’s doing that now? Who’s a role model for those of us that live for today and expect to die tomorrow?

“But once you’ve been through that door, you can’t keep going through it over and over” Tom Wolfe

In the heart and mind of a professional of any sort, there is a certain need for consistency. The professional needs to expect something to happen to them everyday; doctors need patients, accountants need money, what do free spirits need? Doors to walk through, lots of them. Those that are looking to open doors aren’t going to get anywhere by closing them after they’re done. Those same doctors are content opening the door to the office everyday and seeing the same patients, but to the doctor they’re all different. Different ailments, different treatments, different people. To those that have no direction in life, what door do they open. For those that are standing in front of a world of doors, which one calls to be opened.

All of them, or none of them. As Nietzsche wrote “for everyone and no one”.  Break it down, the world is for everyone, but not for any “one”. There is no right or wrong answer. The world in and of itself is suitable for all that breathe air and nourish themselves with a healthy diet of the body and mind. For those that are incapable of seeing the beauty in diversity, this is where the doors start slamming closed and the depth of life is sadly and irreversibly decreased. For those that are willing to slam doors shut, they admit not only to the world, but to themselves, that the world is actually for every “one”, as in only them. “One” not only becomes an object, but it becomes the object that the world revolves around.

That “one” is what chooses what doors everybody else should open in their lives. That “one” is the divine spirit that feels that what they’re experiencing at a particular time is right, and those that don’t see it that way are “no one”. For those that cannot agree with those that become the superior “one”, life becomes difficult. Without being agreeable to the doors that are being open to them, resistance is an option that can either be taken with great excitement or great resistance. Those that are of weaker mind will be excited that others are making decisions for them. Those that have a bit more heat in their fire will resist those doors that they are being forced through.

These are the “no one” that raise their fists to the sky and scream to the world stating who they are and what they represent. Who they are is unique, what they represent is the empowered soul that can open their own doors and walk back through them if they desire BUT will not go back through once they realize what lays behind the door isn’t for them. These are the people that will stand up for what suits them in life and makes them happy. These are the people that make other people angry.

The “no one” are also the people in the world that would happily take that same fist that they raised to proudly to the sky in stating who they are and smash in the faces of all that oppose their individuality. In most cases, those that oppose individuality are those that are afraid of it in the first place. The cult mentality has crept into modern society but is cleverly cloaked behind the mask of technology. The mentality has crept in and isn’t going anywhere.

There isn’t a right or wrong one to be, and in certain circumstances you have to be one or the other just to survive.

“I see it all perfectly; there are two possible situations – one can either do this or that. My honest opinion and my friendly advise is this: do it or do not do it; you will regret both”. Soren Kierkegaard




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