Get your own piece of the Great Red Shark Adventure

If you were to look into my shirt drawer at any given time, you’d find nothing but a bunch of shirts that have commemorated a certain point and time that I was experiencing something really awesome in life. The piles of Formula One race teams that I’ve supported, the number of different tourist traps that I was lame to buy shirts at, about a dozen breweries and of course my coveted old concert shirts. I swear I WILL wear them again one day – right – and to use another persons cleverness “And monkeys might fly out of my butt” (thank you Waynes World).

This is your chance to join me in collecting shirts from awesome events – such as a random girl that you kind of know travelling across country in an amazing red machine. An amazing “Great Red Shark”.

Before you start rolling your eyes, don’t get these confused with those cheap screen printed things you get at concerts that deform after washing and tend to peel after going through the dryer a couple of times. These are actual embroidered shirts, polo shirts. So, when you’re rocking your polo you can unbutton and show your cleavage/chest hair (not both), you can wear it under suit coats and look like a tool, or you can even pop your collar and wear it with your snap back.

On second thought, don’t do any of those things. Just wear it like a normal human being, please.

For those of you that perhaps are chroming on the ole dome or just like to wear hats (hopefully not indoors), we also have hats available with the same awesome stitching found on the polos.

Really, this is about the best investment in your wardrobe you can make. This about what a conversation starter it would be walking into a bar and having somebody read your shirt and say, “Hey, tell me more about this Great Red Shark Adventure”. You might pick up chicks or dudes that way. You might get a black eye, you might make new friends. Who knows?

Click on the image below to be swept away to the world of buying awesome shirts without actually having to leave your office chair/smart phone/couch. Also, please visit them their Facebook page for more information or questions regarding the logo/status of your order.

Send them an email to: RedSharkAdventure@MonogramsPlusSR to place your order!



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