North Las Vegas Goodbye, UFO Crash Site, Hello!

So, I’m going to have to pack my bags and leave Las Vegas some time. Although I’ll probably get my fill of neon lights within about twenty minutes of being there, I’ll still leave a little piece of me in Vegas (hopefully it’s not monetary). I’ve been fascinated with Las Vegas after it’s glorification in so many movies, but deep down inside I’m more of a modest person that is intimidated by Showgirls and doesn’t gamble (with money).

Leaving the glitz and glamour, I’m going to get more in touch with who I really am as a person, simple. So what’s more simple that going and seeing the most complex Dam in the world. Truth be told Dams have always fascinated me, I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s just the largeness, perhaps it’s the sound, who knows. I’m just mystified by them. So, on a little side trek I’m going to go check out the grand daddy of all dams himself, Mr. Hoover. Mr. Hoover Dam that is.

Afterwards, once I’ve gotten my fill of crashing water and whatnot, I’m going to take a more scenic route on my way towards Flagstaff and take a little trip through Bullhead City (awesome, I know) to visit a classic car museum. The physical adress is actually in some little less exciting town name, but we’ll leave that alone for this moment. Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Collection promises cars, trucks and Steve McQueens battered motorcycle. I mean come on, I’d be insane NOT to check it out. Besides, admission is free. If it’s free, it’s for me! If you read into the location a little bit you find out it’s actually at a casino and resort…as if I didn’t get enough of those in Vegas. It seems worth it though, and if it sucks, Yelp!, You better be ready to receive an angry-gram from me.

After gawking and taking multiple selfies in front of classic cars, the Shark and I are going to venture on to the site of what some say a “hoax” of a UFO crash site. With a story behind it (as so many UFO sighting have) there was a guy that claimed to be part of a secret operation…snore…then I see something about a “reverse engineer”, uh, like an engineer driving backwards? Then the story goes on to say something about blacked out buses and an alien wearing a skull cap. How could I miss this? Besides, it seems to be right along the way to Flagstaff my resting point for the evening.

Look at the route HERE.

Look at the cars HERE

Look at the alien story HERE


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